KOH: Alan Langlands

DG1000 (20m) (G-CKOH)
, Winglets ModWingspan: 20.0m
Handicap: 102.0 


Of 5 thermals, were only one turn. 4 were to the right and 1 were to the left.
On average each thermal was 2.5 minutes, and resulted in a 512 foot height gain.
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Flight Segments

StartDurationTypestart heightheight changedistance turnsKnots Dist/Time
13:29:2004:32straight3967-505.2ft9 km59:1
13:33:5204:12right34611502.6 ft116 kts
13:38:0412:52straight4964-534.8ft23.7 km145:1
13:50:5601:00right4429111.5 ft21.9 kts
13:51:5603:28straight4541-157.5ft7.5 km155:1
13:55:2403:12left4383482.3 ft62.5 kts
13:58:3614:32straight4866-1761.8ft32 km60:1
14:13:0802:24right3104462.6 ft63.2 kts
14:15:3212:40straight3566-2893.7ft26.7 km30:1
14:28:1201:48right6730.0 ft30 kts
14:30:0000:52straight6730.0ft0 km0:1