Regionals Day 3: Flight Analysis

Edgehill - Littleport - Stony Stratford - Lyveden - Banbury - Edgehill (348.2km)

Regionals / Distance Handicapped Task ,Y distance = 120.0 km, Handicapped Task distance = 310.6 km,Day Speed Points = 563, Day Distance Points = 437,

PosPilotGlideractualavg climb (knots)avg climb (ft)height lost in climb% thermalavg glide ratioavg glide (km)avg straight (knots)
1T5 George GreenDiscus (15m)106.4 kph2.783900.13%34.4%43.810.178.3
23D John TannerDuo Discus (20m)103.8 kph2.532900.23%36.9%547.978.8
3X8 Mick and Tim WebbLS8-18 (18m)100.3 kph2.564680.07%38.1%51.911.473.9
4KHC Paul/Tim Fletcher/DonovanDG500 (20m) flapped98.5 kph2.022270.23%38.3%
538 Richard LargeArcus (20m)97.3 kph2.393810.14%37.5%6110.675.4
6W Bill InglisAntares (18m)96.9 kph2.572530.16%34.6%49.17.668.6
7170 Guy CorbettLak17a (18m)96.1 kph2.953990.04%33.3%50.49.771.4
8T9 Tim DaviesASW24 (15m-w)95.4 kph2.623160.18%32.6%46.48.868.7
928T Maureen & Roderick WeaverASW28-18 (18m)91.8 kph2.473340.14%33.1%45.79.770.0
10737 James ClarkeNimbus 2c91.4 kph2.575050.19%37.9%40.512.373.6
11224 Gordon CraigLS4 (15m)89.2 kph2.293400.13%33.3%45.39.862.8
12440 Den HeslopDuo Discus (20m-w)89.1 kph2.003650.33%45.2%
13KOH Alan LanglandsDG1000 (20m)88.8 kph1.521970.3%34.2%
14F1 Ian Ritchie CampbellLS8-18 (18m)88.0 kph2.534390.08%42.1%
15LD Peter DaveyASW20 (15m)87.9 kph2.404160.09%43.2%35.18.771.0
16N Pete SmithJanus c (retractable)87.7 kph2.304340.15%43.6%36.88.967.6
17391 Richard SlaterVentus c (17.6m)86.8 kph2.444220.17%38.1%44.511.175.2
18HNZ Roger PartingtonPegasus86.3 kph2.164970.13%44.6%34.610.171.8
19895 John InglisAntares (18m)83.8 kph1.962620.24%39.5%
202A Alex O'KeefeNimbus 283.5 kph2.284700.18%38%42.611.869.9
21EBB Greg CorbettSpeed Astir83.1 kph2.343550.09%36.9%37.78.663.7
22Y9 John FergusonASW28-18 (18m)82.9 kph2.073270.14%37.1%52.69.769.2
23FBN Jane & Steve NashMosquito b80.7 kph1.712750.18%45.2%39.86.765.9
24493 Walter BaumannDiscus (15m)78.3 kph1.864070.23%43.7%39.79.365.0
25C4 David BramwellJanus c (retractable)77.7 kph1.985080.09%42.8%38.411.064.2
26246 Carol MarshallLS7 (15m)75.1 kph1.463290.27%53.1%36.67.472.0
27CRO Geoffrey WilliamsStd. Libelle (15m)71.8 kph2.063640.12%42.2%34.67.558.8
28288 David d'ArcyLS4 (15m)(333.9 km)1.912950.25%41.2%42.77.970.4
29258 Christopher BowdenTwin Astir(323.4 km)1.512720.32%54.1%32.65.470.9
30270 Gary NewbrookMini Nimbus(224.8 km)1.362810.28%48%
31ETY Derek StaffLS4 (15m)(150.3 km)1.152490.3%50.7%346.343.1
32EF Mike Costin/Clive Groves /Guy GloverDG1000 (20m)(114.5 km)2.513400.22%18.3%93.517.969.7

Flight information has been taken from the IGC files. It's just for fun! To sort columns click on the column name - clicking a second time will change the sort order. Pilots with no information displayed probably didn't fly far enough to produce useful information, or scored penalty points.

It is only accuracte if the IGC file has a sufficiently high sample rate - for example if it logs every 6 seconds. Competitors with statistics in light grey have loggers which have insufficent information to accurately calculate statistics. In addition, some loggers show a lot of GPS jitter - these will throw up spurious thermals.

These stats are just for fun!