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2018 Dates Revised

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the dates for 2018 have had to be changed from those previously published.

The new dates are 23rd June to 1st July 2018.

Entry registration will be opened at 8pm on Thursday 23rd November 2017. Further details will be published on the Shenington GC website nearer that time.

10:24 on Tue 31st October

Well, that's it for another year, but what a fantastic week - 6 competition days!

We certainly had a great time, hope you did too!

Do come back next year and we will see if we can beat it.

18:26 on Mon 10th July

Sniffer about to launch.....lots of tired looking crew (and control!) drinking went on quite late for the non flyers.

13:07 on Sun 9th July

Good morning all  .... day the last!

Please grid before briefing on R/W 28

Briefing at 10:00

07:48 on Sun 9th July

Launching started at 13:45 and all gliders on their way.

Some well around the task but a few have returned and a landout reported in.

16:10 on Sat 8th July