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2018 Dates

30th June to 8th July.

Please check back later for registration details.

16:33 on Wed 4th October

Well, that's it for another year, but what a fantastic week - 6 competition days!

We certainly had a great time, hope you did too!

Do come back next year and we will see if we can beat it.

18:26 on Mon 10th July

Sniffer about to launch.....lots of tired looking crew (and control!) drinking went on quite late for the non flyers.

13:07 on Sun 9th July

Good morning all  .... day the last!

Please grid before briefing on R/W 28

Briefing at 10:00

07:48 on Sun 9th July

Launching started at 13:45 and all gliders on their way.

Some well around the task but a few have returned and a landout reported in.

16:10 on Sat 8th July