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The draw for the 2017 competition places has now taken place. Onglide will be updated shortly with a list of competitors & waiting list for 2017, then it will be opened up for any more prospective entries.

20:36 on Sun 27th November

Entries are now being accepted for our Regionals 2017.

To enter, please email to with the subject "Regionals 2017 Entry". In the text, please include pilot's name, glider type (if known), registration, tail no and home club.

09:38 on Thu 3rd November

Shenington Regionals 2017: 1-9 July 2017

09:34 on Thu 3rd November


Hello All!!

Task A was flown yesterday and most got round, though there was a nasty patch of spreadout at the first TP which shot down a few of our pilots. All were safely retrieved and we had prize giving at 6pm. Pete Smith came third, Robert Hanks came second, and Tim Fletcher retained the lead and won the Regionals for the second year in a row. Well done Tim!

The Red Arrows treated us to a final formation fly past with smoke after we completed briefing!

The competition is now formally over for this year. Thanks to all our competitors for being such a great crowd. Hope to see you all again next year!

00:05 on Tue 5th July

Grid is ready...sniffer reporting cimbs, and cloud base going up...hopefully we'll be on task A...first launch not before 10:50am!

10:34 on Sun 3rd July