competition blog

Well, that's it for another year. Thanks to everybody who helped with the organisation and with running the competition. And thanks to the competitors. It wouldn't be any fun without them!  See you next year.

14:30 on Sun 28th June

Today is scrubbed. The prospects are just too poor to justify any optimism. Stand by for information about prizegiving

07:49 on Sun 28th June

Sunday is looking wet and windy. Stand by for further information once the met man has had some breakfast.

07:41 on Sun 28th June

Great day on Saturday. nearly everyone completed the task. A little shaky in the south and west, but overall a bit of a romp, ending with a spectacular rapid-fire finish.

07:39 on Sun 28th June

It's looking much more promising today.  Expecting to start launching very soon.  Even the met man has a smile on his face.

11:19 on Sat 27th June