Shenington Regionals
June 22nd to June 30th, 2013: Shenington
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The 2013 Shenington Regionals are now over.
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09:34 on Mon 28th October

Registration for 2014 will open shortly, please check back on Tuesday

17:00 on Sun 30th June

A difficult last day. Our sniffer (turbo Duo) ran out of petrol!  Iain Evans was on site with the JS1 Revelation, so he launched to keep us informed.  He managed to climb, but cloudbase stayed stubbornly low at only just over 2300 QFE. With 20kt of wind and the day getting old, we reluctantly canned it on safety grounds.

Thanks to everybody from the whole team.

14:21 on Sun 30th June

Sorry, folks, the day is scrubbed.

Prizegiving is at 3.30 in the hangar.


See you next year!

13:21 on Sun 30th June

A great time last night at the Yee Haw Barn Dance!

We're still hoping for one final comp day...

18:23 on Sat 29th June

Steve Tape finished after starting the task at 4pm!!!!!! A big thank you to Colin for fixing his glider this morning, so that he could fly!

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Sat 22nd June:  Scrubbed

Sun 23rd June:  Scrubbed

Mon 24th June: Day 1: 89.5km Final results
Edgehill - Pershore SE - Swalcliffe - Edgehill  (day results)   (Task and Landout Map)  (Snail Race)  (Flight Stats)

Tue 25th June: Day 2: 199.0km/517.6km (207.5km) Final results
Edgehill - Grafham Water - Eyebrook - Towcester - Banbury W - Edgehill  (day results)   (Task and Landout Map)  (Snail Race)  (Flight Stats)

Wed 26th June: Day 3: 188.6km Final results
Edgehill - Pershore SE - Towcester - Westcott - Edgehill  (day results)   (Task and Landout Map)

Thu 27th June:  Scrubbed

Fri 28th June:  Scrubbed

Sat 29th June: Day 4: 141.4km/446.8km (142.1km) Final results
Edgehill - Naseby East - Rushden - Northampton West - Banbury W - Edgehill  (day results)   (Task and Landout Map)

Sun 30th June:  Scrubbed

 (Overall)   (Bump Chart - Results over Time)   (Day by Day Results)
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Distance Flown Distance Flown
15854 kilometers have been flown so far!

Regionals class has flown 15854 real kilometers, 16466 handicapped kilometers and spent 510 hours, 31 minutes on task. Pilot average is 587 real km, 610 handicapped km
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