Shenington Regionals
July 3rd to July 11th, 2010: Shenington
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Mel's What If Machine

Have you ever considered what if...
... I didn't land out?
... I had been just a little but quicker?

Now's your chance to change the results! Simply click on a day results for a pilot, or the pilot themselves to try different scenarios! You can tell where you can click by passing the mouse over the screen - anywhere it changes to yellow you can do some tweaking.

Values that have been changed will show up in pink, and be listed at the bottom of the screen. You can sort columns by clicking on the column headers.

If you want to start again reload the page.

The What If Machine doesn't work in IE, please download FireFox!
small print: this is for fun, not reality! playing with landout distances will result in an approximated windicapped distance, which will be more out for windier days, if it's too far out let me know and I'll fix it properly. Speeds & windicapped speeds should calculate correctly.
Mel's What If Machine
Pilot2010-07-03 (1) 2010-07-05 (2) 2010-07-06 (3) 2010-07-08 (4) 2010-07-09 (5) 2010-07-10 (6) 2010-07-11 (7) total
RCAngus WatsonASH25 (25.6m)97815851717675426718100017491054541
WBill InglisAntares (18m)9333562473447043811182485451651132
224Gordon CraigLS4 (15m)73911534672655414735675513915449453
F1Ian CampbellLS8-18 (18m)64614497863287731587138585866648594
48David FindonNimbus 4d7659440127951431126191094037151147055
DUOFrank JeynesDuo Discus X (20m)8196569319417465977528964928346466
STSteve TapeDG200 (15m)750104581048694867591128476803744217
165David WilliamsStd. Libelle (15m)821553171582042014770377011948244188
705Simon RamsayDiscus (15m)77184541176334541033920680156761341379
FBNSteve Nash/ Jane NashMosquito b460164261468974896568147611270312409610
94Robert BromwichDG505 (20m) flapped9314245201691823420758580099035404011
KNOColin McEwenVentus 2cx (18m)199203851578523291861711792107878389412
JKXArran ArmstrongDiscus (15m)9532340171442248676639997212221370513
304Zenon MarczynskiVentus 2cx (18m)68912573220016355177703832713220355114
C2Rowan GriffinStd. Cirrus1321535544610423137087638167809354315
615Mike TomlinsonLS4 (15m)385174879339135245536156861435219330916
YDSDave SmithNimbus 3 (25.5m)56915358161681930319392165101862914292917
EW2graham paulLak 19 (18m)780743313147214161535019-2152210001291118
KLGPeter ScheiwillerLS4 (15m)37318284183771243511353173042052917265519
H20Tess WhitingDiscus (15m-w)6551318222401113901633920-12157015253620
KHCJohn DonovanDG500 (20m) flapped29819193212111513021353175441747218220121
564Peter BerridgeDiscus (15m)02228418287149722272224241911722148122

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