Shenington Regionals
July 3rd to July 11th, 2010: Shenington
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RCG-SINKAngus Watson

ASH25 (25.6m)  Pure Glider, Winglets Mod

handicap: 115 
Day Results
dateday rankday pointspenaltystartdurationactual speed/(dist)handicap speed/(dist)total pointsoverall rank
2010-07-03(Day 1)197813:38:27 02:26:41 103.6 kph92.5 kph9781VIEWIGC
2010-07-05(Day 2)158512:25:08 01:27:45 118.8 kph108.3 kph15631VIEWIGC
2010-07-06(Day 3)671712:40:09 04:28:31 68.4 kph61.7 kph22801VIEWIGC
2010-07-08(Day 4)275413:26:01 02:41:40 60.1 kph52.8 kph30341VIEWIGC
2010-07-09(Day 5)867113:50:50 02:14:02 82.9 kph75.6 kph37052VIEWIGC
2010-07-10(Day 6)1100012:20:37 02:35:30 93.0 kph85.9 kph47051VIEWIGC
2010-07-11(Day 7)1074912:04:34 03:53:03 73.3 kph65.6 kph54541IGC

Flight Statistics
daterankactual task speed/distanceavg climb strength (knots)avg climb height (ft)height lost in climb% time in thermalavg glide ratioavg glide (km)avg speed in straight (knots)
2010-07-03(Day 1)1 103.6 kph2.493380.12%31.9%52.512.374.4VIEW
2010-07-05(Day 2)1 118.8 kph2.652330.17%20%6914.279.3VIEW
2010-07-06(Day 3)6 68.4 kph1.472610.19%44.1%52.47.867.1VIEW
2010-07-08(Day 4)2 60.1 kph0.941530.36%50.3%52.25.667.5VIEW
2010-07-09(Day 5)8 82.9 kph1.542100.26%39.1%53.77.971.8VIEW
2010-07-10(Day 6)1 93.0 kph1.852200.23%31.8%64.49.469.1VIEW
2010-07-11(Day 7)IGC Files have not been processed yet

Total Distance: 1449 km (handicapped), 1606 km (actual)

Relative Position
RankCompetitorTotal PointsPoint Difference
1RC Angus Watson54540
2W Bill Inglis5113-341
3224 Gordon Craig4945-509
4F1 Ian Campbell4859-595
548 David Findon4705-749
6DUO Frank Jeynes4646-808
7ST Steve Tape4421-1033
8165 David Williams4418-1036
9705 Simon Ramsay4137-1317
10FBN Steve Nash/ Jane Nash4096-1358
1194 Robert Bromwich4040-1414
12KNO Colin McEwen3894-1560
13JKX Arran Armstrong3705-1749
14304 Zenon Marczynski3551-1903
15C2 Rowan Griffin3543-1911
16615 Mike Tomlinson3309-2145
17YDS Dave Smith2929-2525
18EW2 graham paul2911-2543
19KLG Peter Scheiwiller2655-2799
20H20 Tess Whiting2536-2918
21KHC John Donovan2201-3253
22564 Peter Berridge1481-3973

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