Shenington Regionals
July 3rd to July 11th, 2010: Shenington
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FBNG-CFBNSteve Nash/ Jane Nash

Mosquito b  Pure Glider, Winglets Mod

handicap: 99 
Day Results
dateday rankday pointspenaltystartdurationactual speed/(dist)handicap speed/(dist)total pointsoverall rank
2010-07-03(Day 1)1646014:22:39 04:15:47 59.4 kph62.2 kph46016VIEWIGC
2010-07-05(Day 2)1442612:17:24 02:05:35 83.0 kph89.2 kph88615VIEWIGC
2010-07-06(Day 3)768912:37:56 05:34:42 54.9 kph58.2 kph15759VIEWIGC
2010-07-08(Day 4)648913:27:51 00:00:00 (99.5 km)(107.5 km)20648VIEWIGC
2010-07-09(Day 5)1456813:44:39 02:57:14 62.7 kph67.6 kph263210VIEWIGC
2010-07-10(Day 6)1276112:21:10 03:24:20 70.2 kph74.0 kph339312VIEWIGC
2010-07-11(Day 7)1270311:50:22 03:35:40 59.9 kph62.8 kph409610IGC

Flight Statistics
daterankactual task speed/distanceavg climb strength (knots)avg climb height (ft)height lost in climb% time in thermalavg glide ratioavg glide (km)avg speed in straight (knots)
2010-07-03(Day 1)16 59.4 kph1.974920.1%42.4%34.610.155.5VIEW
2010-07-05(Day 2)14 83.0 kph2.462920.07%28.4%5310.065.4VIEW
2010-07-06(Day 3)7 54.9 kph1.794190.09%41.8%
2010-07-08(Day 4)6 (99.5 km)1.501990.18%39.5%
2010-07-09(Day 5)14 62.7 kph1.712890.14%39.7%41.27.555.6VIEW
2010-07-10(Day 6)12 70.2 kph1.972680.09%34.3%49.87.959.5VIEW
2010-07-11(Day 7)IGC Files have not been processed yet

Total Distance: 1562 km (handicapped), 1472 km (actual)

Relative Position
RankCompetitorTotal PointsPoint Difference
1RC Angus Watson54541358
2W Bill Inglis51131017
3224 Gordon Craig4945849
4F1 Ian Campbell4859763
548 David Findon4705609
6DUO Frank Jeynes4646550
7ST Steve Tape4421325
8165 David Williams4418322
9705 Simon Ramsay413741
10FBN Steve Nash/ Jane Nash40960
1194 Robert Bromwich4040-56
12KNO Colin McEwen3894-202
13JKX Arran Armstrong3705-391
14304 Zenon Marczynski3551-545
15C2 Rowan Griffin3543-553
16615 Mike Tomlinson3309-787
17YDS Dave Smith2929-1167
18EW2 graham paul2911-1185
19KLG Peter Scheiwiller2655-1441
20H20 Tess Whiting2536-1560
21KHC John Donovan2201-1895
22564 Peter Berridge1481-2615

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