Shenington Regionals
July 3rd to July 11th, 2010: Shenington
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Regionals Day 2: Flight Analysis

Edgehill - St Neots - Northampton West - Banbury - Edgehill Finish (173.3km)

Regionals / Fixed Course Task, Contest Wind 293 degs/12 kts,Y distance = 69.5 km,Day Speed Points = 301, Day Distance Points = 284,Reason for Devaluation : Winners Time,

PosPilotGlideractual task speed/distanceavg climb strength (knots)avg climb height (ft)height lost in climb% time in thermalavg glide ratioavg glide (km)avg speed in straight (knots)
1RC Angus WatsonASH25 (25.6m)118.8 kph2.652330.17%20%6914.279.3VIEW
2304 Zenon MarczynskiVentus 2cx (18m)111.7 kph3.644680.14%22.9%53.717.284.6VIEW
3DUO Frank JeynesDuo Discus X (20m)102.3 kph3.042370.12%24.2%
4W Bill InglisAntares (18m)111.5 kph3.403540.13%22.2%57.614.784.1VIEW
5C2 Rowan GriffinStd. Cirrus85.5 kph3.805970.06%27.9%34.912.965.2VIEW
6224 Gordon CraigLS4 (15m)91.8 kph4.004940.02%16.3%54.919.056.5VIEW
7165 David WilliamsStd. Libelle (15m)84.0 kph3.654620.11%28.9%37.611.469.7VIEW
8F1 Ian CampbellLS8-18 (18m)98.1 kph
9615 Mike TomlinsonLS4 (15m)86.8 kph3.293840.1%24.3%45.711.765.2VIEW
10ST Steve TapeDG200 (15m)84.6 kph2.813550.13%30.8%45.710.372.0VIEW
11705 Simon RamsayDiscus (15m)85.2 kph2.973790.09%29.5%42.810.772.4VIEW
1248 David FindonNimbus 4d100.8 kph2.734740.16%28%53.617.582.8VIEW
13EW2 graham paulLak 19 (18m)90.4 kph2.464560.17%34.8%
14FBN Steve Nash/ Jane NashMosquito b83.0 kph2.462920.07%28.4%5310.065.4VIEW
15KNO Colin McEwenVentus 2cx (18m)88.2 kph3.343910.07%31.3%38.49.572.3VIEW
16YDS Dave SmithNimbus 3 (25.5m)89.8 kph2.393230.13%21.3%71.115.966.0VIEW
17JKX Arran ArmstrongDiscus (15m)72.6 kph2.283790.12%34.8%44.110.663.8VIEW
18KLG Peter ScheiwillerLS4 (15m)64.0 kph2.434000.04%35.4%35.48.754.3VIEW
18564 Peter BerridgeDiscus (15m)56.1 kph1.903930.18%40.8%
2094 Robert BromwichDG505 (20m) flapped(171.6 km)3.072970.16%22.1%55.612.575.9VIEW
21KHC John DonovanDG500 (20m) flapped(140.1 km)
22H20 Tess WhitingDiscus (15m-w)(132.2 km)

Flight information has been taken from the IGC files. It's just for fun! To sort columns click on the column name - clicking a second time will change the sort order. Pilots with no information displayed probably didn't fly far enough to produce useful information, or scored penalty points.

It is only accuracte if the IGC file has a sufficiently high sample rate - for example if it logs every 6 seconds. Competitors with statistics in light grey have loggers which have insufficent information to accurately calculate statistics. In addition, some loggers show a lot of GPS jitter - these will throw up spurious thermals.

These stats are just for fun!
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