Shenington Regionals
July 3rd to July 11th, 2010: Shenington
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The 2010 Shenington Regionals are now over.
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08:38 on Mon 12th July

A very close finish on the last day. Angus Watson dropped a few places on the day and Bill Inglis needed one thermal to finish to win the contest overall. He didn't get it and landed his nice new Antares in a field for the first time at Banbury to come second overall, leaving Angus to lift the Meagher trophy.

Thanks to everyone who helped prepare and run the competition and to all the contestants.  See you next year.

Alan Langlands, Director





14:07 on Sat 10th July

A bit fraught on the grid today. Held the launch start at the 5 minute point for a task query, then again while the weather threw a wobbly. All launched now and starts are being called.

10:48 on Sat 10th July

One of the factors in yesterday's success was undoubtedly that we had a Harvard act as sniffer. Mike Cuming was able to report that the air was dead smooth on his climb-out prompting us to delay launching the sniffer until it became soarable. He then went on to give useful weather reports while flying inverted at 5,000 20 miles upwind.

17:59 on Fri 9th July

Friday hot and nearly blue, but the tasksetter is finally firing on all cylinders and 16 finishers in difficult conditions. What fun!

17:57 on Fri 9th July

Three finishers on Thursday, but a good day despite the carnage.

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Sat 3rd July: Day 1: 252.7km Final results
Edgehill Start 2 - Bedford Airfield - Market Harborough - Grafham Water - Banbury - Edgehill Finish   (Task/Landout Map)  (Snail Race)  (Flight Stats)

Sun 4th July:  Scrubbed

Mon 5th July: Day 2: 173.3km Final results
Edgehill - St Neots - Northampton West - Banbury - Edgehill Finish   (Task/Landout Map)  (Snail Race)  (Flight Stats)

Tue 6th July: Day 3: 305.3km Final results
Edgehill - Cambridge North - Northampton West - Bedford Bridge - Banbury - Edgehill Finish   (Task/Landout Map)  (Snail Race)  (Flight Stats)

Wed 7th July:  Scrubbed

Thu 8th July: Day 4: 161.4km Final results
Swalcliffe - Great Malvern - Northleach - Banbury - Edgehill Finish   (Task/Landout Map)  (Snail Race)  (Flight Stats)

Fri 9th July: Day 5: 184.6km Final results
Swalcliffe - Kingham - Edgehill - Bedford Airfield - Banbury - Edgehill Finish   (Task/Landout Map)  (Snail Race)  (Flight Stats)

Sat 10th July: Day 6: 152.0km/444.5km (152.4km) Final results
Swalcliffe - Northampton South - Bedford Airfield - Rushden - Banbury - Edgehill Finish   (Task/Landout Map)  (Snail Race)  (Flight Stats)

Sun 11th July: Day 7: 148.1km/434.8km (138.9km) Preliminary results
Swalcliffe - Bishops Cleeve NW - Edgehill - Bozeat - Naseby West - Banbury - Edgehill Finish   (Task/Landout Map)

  (Bump Chart - Results over Time)
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